About Thrills

Where to even start?
I like being surrounded by off the wall, interesting stuff.

Wow, things have changed. From our bricks and mortar beginnings to now an exclusively online wonderland of hell to the yeah interiors. 

THRILLS has always been about YOU to being the interior designer. Be bold, stop thinking so hard and let your creativity flow. 

I think the key thing about Thrills is it doesn’t fit into a box. The pieces just need to be awesome and that’s all that matters. Things that your friends and family will be like – WOWAZA! I need THAT in my life. Things that when you look at them they make you a bit excited because you know it’s fabulous.

Who’s my customer?

My customer doesn’t want to be like everyone else. They’re not afraid to experiment. They understand that it takes time to establish a style in your home and you can’t just pick it out of a catalogue. It represents you. It’s you – you’re it. You can’t buy it all in one go, from one place. They want to mix the old and new. They like the idea of their family and friends talking about their home. They might even want people to be slightly envious at their eclectic style that others wouldn’t be brave enough to have.

But foremost they get a kick out of making their home AMAZING – they revel in being the interior designer.