I like being surrounded by off the wall, interesting stuff.

“Where do you get your stuff from?” It’s so different from the norms of your high street department stores where everything is perfectly matching, coordinated and themed. That’s SO not what we’re about. The eclectic vibe is key. Here we mix the old with the new, the mid century with the boho and the urban with the ethnic.

The dynamics of the shop change all the time. I can’t even describe it. Admittedly sometimes it’s a complete fucking mess! To be honest, it’s all trial and error – sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

Pieces are sourced from all over. We’re big on ethically sourced, fair trade products from developing countries. At the same time we like keeping things local through supporting independent businesses nearby and our awesome artists.

I LOVE lighting. From bespoke, made to order neon to handmade fairground letter lights to reclaimed industrial ship lights. You can also design your own light fittings, with over 90 different cable colours, LED filament bulbs, regular filament bulbs and various fittings, you can be the master of your own lighting fantasy 😉

THRILLS is about YOU to being the interior designer. Not a high street furniture shop that dictates how those beige curtains go with that beige carpet. If an item isn’t a one-off then it’s definitely limited – so if you see it and you love it, buy it because otherwise you’ll have to wait or even miss out – scandalous.

Come here and feel a bit bold, stop thinking so hard and let your creativity flow. Don’t buy that light that everyone else has. Come here – we’ll make one for you. Find an old armchair, pick some fabric and we’ll turn it into your dream chair. Our awesome craftsmen are on hand to turn your ideas into reality – whether its upholstery, lighting or carpenters you need. You can be the maker of your home’s destiny – NOT some generic blue Swedish mass market flat pack expert! (Although let’s be honest, I’m a realist, I have two small children – I know it has its place!)

Vintage and retro – are we bored of this yet? Are we done? I’m not going lie – I LOVE some vintage and retro pieces. What annoys me is people attaching those words to any old piece and expecting it to suddenly be worth something. What we do is source one off awesome pieces. We try and make sure the pieces are beautiful and interesting; wicked mid-century sideboards, beautiful Persian rugs, G-Plan swivel chairs and cool urban industrial pieces perfect for the home or office. I think the key thing about the shop is – that it doesn’t fit into a box. The pieces just need to be awesome and that’s all that matters. Things that your friends and family will be like – WOWAZA! I need THAT in my life. Things that when you look at them they make you a bit excited because you know it’s fabulous.

Who’s my customer?

My customer doesn’t want to be like everyone else. They’re not afraid to experiment. They understand that it takes time to establish a style in your home and you can’t just pick it out of a catalogue. It represents you. It’s you – you’re it. You can’t buy it all in one go, from one place. They want to mix the old and new. They like the idea of their family and friends talking about their home. They might even want people to be slightly envious at their eclectic style that others wouldn’t be brave enough to have.

But foremost they get a kick out of making their home AMAZING – they revel in being the interior designer.

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