24 Aug


I wish this was a blog about Jack Johnson and his glorious banana pancakes but hence it’s about another song of his…. yes…he did…. reduce, re-use, recycle! Hope it’s not just me that gets this!

It’s about the struggle in this business to be environmentally friendly. And as I’ve just sat down after packing the latest shipment and thinking to myself I should really talk about this and give you some insight as to why my packaging probably isn’t as fancy as some other brands out there.

When I started this business, little did I realise how much bloody polystyrene and cardboard I’d have to deal with! Jesus H Christ! This little blog is just an insight into how I’m dealing with that and doing my best to be more environmentally friendly as a small indie business.

SO my website has been live for about 3 months now and of course I’m overwhelmed by the response it’s had. Big love to you all. Since embarking on the journey of shipping products to their new fabulous homes, I have been struck by the dilemma of packaging. Sometimes I worry I look like a blinking ebay seller the way I use recycled kraft paper, re-use cardboard boxes and sometimes if it’s a neon it literally looks like I’ve emptied the contents of my recycling bin in to the box! Surprise!!! (Don’t judge me!)

There is a method to the madness though. If I receive a hundred cardboard boxes in a stock delivery should I:

a) recycle them and buy more cardboard boxes to post out parcels which in my opinion seems pretty daft

b) re-use and re-purpose them to post out parcels meaning first of all I’m not adding the cost of pretty boxes and packaging on to the price of products and secondly, isn’t it just more environmentally-friendly? Those boxes aren’t going through the recycling process after one use. They get one more use out of them before they get to you and maybe you then use them for something else.

I’m also reducing my use of bubble wrap by packing the boxes with scrunched up brown recycled paper. I am looking into the cost effectiveness of recyclable air pillows – however for now I think the scrunch up paper is working well.

Lots of products we sell do have polystyrene and bubble wrap inside their individual boxes to ensure that items are kept as safe as possible during transit. For now those products will continue to be shipped like that. I do know that suppliers are doing their best to reduce the amount of polystyrene used in their packaging. What I’m trying to do is reduce the amount of unrecyclable rubbish I add to it.

Anyway – that is all!!


Eleni x


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