27 Aug


When I was starting THRILLS three years ago, people said to me why don’t you just have a website? Don’t bother with a shop… But I was adamant I wanted a shop. I didn’t want to create a sterile website, which is how I saw it. I wanted people to come in a have an experience. I love talking to people, seeing what they’re about and finding them the perfect product. Some folk love to chat and granted some do not – but at least you get the option of that personalised service. I take great pride in remembering my customers and their past purchases. Anyway – my point was that I wanted a shop to create a zone where people could come in and brainstorm ideas or sometimes just get on our soap boxes put the world to rest (Ha! BREXIT was a good one!) THIS is what you don’t get with a website.

On the other hand, I started this business with the intention of becoming a successful brand. I hope around these here parts of Leamington Spa, THRILLS has become a well known little hub for people looking for something a bit different. However, I am asked all the time “are you online?” My answer – “don’t look at my website it’s terrible”. Until a marvellous local company called IMAGINATE based in Leamington (#loveleam #keepingitlocal) approached me and offered to work with me (hold my hand and spoon feed me) and build my website. This was a year ago. So since then, when people have asked “are you online?” My answer has been – “it’s in the process of being built”, “yep yep, almost”. IMAGINATE were the absolute bollocks. They’ve designed it from scratch, really thought about me and my business. But I’ve delayed things! I don’t even know why – it may be because I’m a huge procrastinator, it may be because I love old fashioned face to face selling, it may be because I’m just a bit scared of not being able to give people my all when selling things (OR it may be because I’m just lazy!)

I’m going to have to put my reputation in the hands of cyber space – trust customers to have a bit of understanding if things go wrong and not give some horrid review because they have nothing better to do.

Anyway – here I am, filling my website slowly but surely. Off loading on a blog – yes a blog. This is where I want to be able to give you that bit of the personalised service that you would get if you came into the shop. This is where I can introduce myself and you can get to know me a bit. Warts and all. I know you may not give a shit about me haha! But I just never wanted to be a faceless website. Whatever happens I’m still a mummy to two bambinos that risked it all to do this, I’m not a faceless brand, I take this business very, very personally. It’s emotional man.

So please bear with me, if I have teething problems on the website – I’m sorry, I will make it better. You won’t be able to buy directly from the website just yet – I’m not ready, it’s more about giving you the vibe at the moment. However, if you see something you love – please call me, email me, just get in touch – I’m here and I will do my best to get it to you.

Love Eleni

PS – I’ve literally just had Linda in – gplan sofa in teal, gplan footstool (re-upholstered in her choice of purple velvet), green anglepoise floor lamp for her office among other items I shamefully can’t remember. We talked about her daughter going off to university. That’s what I love about this shop.


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